Mrs Midnite buys a Ube

Hello my name is Mrs Midnite and I am a shopperholic!

OK this isn't a bad purchase on a scale of impulse buys.  I've wanted this for a long, long time.

When I first got my own flat I thought about buying a fish tank but it's a small flat and I've never really finished getting it decorated how I want it so I've never worked out where a large fish tank would go.  I did look into fishies and tanks but that as far as it went.

10 years on and best friend boy and girl have bought a fish tank.  Jealous!  Best friend boy asked me what the first fish everyone who gets a tank wants?  I guessed neons?  Bettas?  No apparently people want a clown fish.  "But they are marine fish" says a fish educated Mrs Midnite.  Best friend boy says not many people know this, odd as Finding Nemo is set in the sea.  I've also chased clown fish when I've been diving so I know they are salty fish!

Anyway the BF tank arrived and sat empty to acclimatise, the first fish were added and survived.  More fish arrived and continued to survive.  More jealous. 

And then BF smallest boy leaves his fish viewing chair in front of the tank one night and Sasha decides to investigate.  Lots of Sasha entertainment watching the little swimming spots.  It was total dog enjoyment.

After that I thought maybe we could get a tank.  So on the next trip to buy dog sweets at the pet shop the furry girls and I had an explore through the fish section.  Sasha was even more fascinated by the tanks full of fish.  Even Star noticed then but the Princess wasn't really to interested.

Then there was an article about how watching fish reduces stress and helps with insomnia. A chain of hotels has started providing fish tanks in rooms based on the insomnia beating properties. Far be it for Mrs Midnite to ignore a message from the universe on how to treat the sleep deprivation.

So after much internet searching we have settled on the fish tank of our choice.  It's not a big tank, we're starting small.  So we've picked an artistic looking BiUbe:

Fish research is ongoing to pick now residents for the Ube.  All very exciting. We'll keep you posted!


klahanie said...

Hello Mrs Midnite,
Well, tank you very much for this posting. I miss having an aquarium, but I know how soothing and therapeutic, staring at a tank full of fish, can be.
Anyway, I'm not going to carp on, try to be koi with a bunch of fish puns, because I'm sure that I need kelp and besides, I'm starting to flounder...
Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Gary :)

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