Have to mention Riots

Well what a week going on down there in Englandshire.  Horrific pictures on TV, I'm shocked and stunned by what's happening.  So here are Mrs Midnite's thoughts on the events of this week.

A young black (or possibly mixed race by the look of some pics) man who was probably a criminal was killed by the police.  Seems he didn't fire a gun but did have an illegal fire arm.  Sympathy to his family because regardless of what he did or didn't do he is theirs and I'm sure they are devastated. 

A peaceful demonstration went ahead because people felt they were not getting information from the police.  Fine so far.  Then for reasons as yet unknown it erupted into a night of violence, looting and crime - riot. 

I heard lots about how frustrating and unpleasant it is for young people (mostly black) to be stopped and searched for no reason other than how they look.  I get it to some extent, I used to get stopped and breathalysed regularly when I drove around late at night.  I have friends who get stopped and searched, some just laugh, some get really really angry. 

A guy got shot, young people get stopped and searched.  Explain why this leads to riots all over England? 

The rioters on TV seem to be from most races, various ages, men and women.  Most of the TV shots are of young men. 

Poverty and lack of jobs are blamed for the problems.  The riots are co-ordinated using blackberry messenger?  Help me out here.  You have a £300 smart phone and you are rioting because you live in poverty?  The pictures show lots of expensive trainers.  They are looting TVs, PCs and clothes.  Wonder what the people of Somalia would loot if they were given the opportunity.  Oooh yes, food because they are really living in poverty.

I'm not without sympathy, the economic crisis is making life hard for people.  I'm loosing my job, so are lots of others.  Things are more expensive, the Government are taking measures to try to stop us ending up like Greece.  Getting stopped and searched for no reason sucks!  But if you are doing nothing wrong does it really matter? 

The way I see it the rioters are just criminals.  They are not making a political statement, they are not protesting about Government policies, economic issues, police racism.  They are using all these things as an excuse to steal and destroy.  They have grown up in a society where the consequences of doing wrong are minimal.  Miss school, your parents get into trouble.  Cause trouble in class, get suspended and have a holiday.  Be rude to elders, nothing happens.  Steal something, get away with it.  Take drugs, get a warning.  Carry a knife, get away with it.

My dad once kicked a teacher and ran home.  A neighbour saw him and clouted him round the head, took him home.  His dad gave him a telling off for been out of school and for kicking the teacher.  Taken back to school, given a slap and made to stand in the naughty spot.

What are the consequences going to be for rioters?  Will it be enough to prevent it happening again?  I have no idea.  I can't understand any of this, the way I was brought up means I couldn't possibly destroy other peoples homes, shops or property.  I couldn't throw stones at police or bystanders.  I couldn't so how can I understand.

My final point for today.  I'm so proud that Scotland hasn't joined in the mindless behaviour.  I love Edinburgh and hope everyone else here feels the same and won't destroy our city.


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