10 years

10 years ago I sat at work and watched the events in the US unfold.  I remember the first plane crashing and thinking it was a terrible accident, then the second, then the people jumping from the windows and the towers collapsing.  They are images that will never leave me much as I would like them to. 

10 years later I still can't think about it, the horror for all those people. If I focus on it I feel like my heart and brain will burst.  I can't watch the TV programmes today in the same way I can't watch films about war.  I know how brave many, many people were and I have so much sympathy for all those impacted by the nightmare who have to live with it everyday.  I can't let myself think too much about the evil in the world because to do that for me leads to depression and that lets it win.

My thoughts that I can allow myself to have about 9/11 are with those who are still living with it and I hope they can all find their own ways to deal with it and find a way to not let evil win in their lives.


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