Woosh ........ it's October

And I remembered I have a blog.

The last year has flown by, I have a new job.  Well not that new I've now been there 12 months.  It's exciting learning new things although it isn't going as fast as I would like.  Apparently I am ambitious, this isn't a word I would use but it seems to be a common description of me.

It's been a really busy year so far with ups and downs but overall me and the furry girls are doing well.  We have lots to say and have thought lots of interesting thoughts that maybe we could share with Blogger.

Last week we went on a new job social outing.  A well planned walk in Edinburgh's Pentland hills.  Of course Scotland lived up to it's reputation and there was two heavy rain showers while we walked so the new job people and assorted furry companions got wet. 

One of the guys is a bit of a photographer and took a lovely snap of Star and Sasha, he also digitally enhanced them so they looks fabulous:

Thats all we have for now, hope some of our Blogger pals are still out there in Blog land and that you are all well.
Love and waggy tails
Mrs M, Star and Sasha


Anonymous said...

Holy cowmanilly!! So glad you are back girlfriend!! And the pooches....look fabulous!

klahanie said...

Hello Mrs M, Star and Sasha,
So nice to see your return. The photo of those two adorable dogs is wonderful. And Penny the Jack Russell dog is staring at the photo and wagging her little tail :)
Now then, we look forward to you sharing some stories and well done on having a new job.
Evidently, I'm still out here in Blog land and I thank you for your kind comment on my site. Or should that be, Penny's site....
Have a peaceful and um 'pawsitive' weekend.
Gary and that shy, modest dog, Penny x

Iron Criterion said...

"And I remembered I have a blog.

The last year has flown by"

Know that feeling.

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