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I'm watching a show called My Tattoo addiction which reminded me of a previous post.

For anyone wondering I still don't have a tattoo.  I have an idea of what I would get but still not sure where I'd get it.  Possibly foot, possibly!

For a long time I have seen evidence of tattoo addiction.  It seems no one gets one tattoo, they always go back for more and usually bigger tattoos.  I can't decide if tattoos just have an addiction more powerful than heroin or if it tends to be people with addiction issues that get them. 

Perhaps this is why I am resisting.  Or it could just be indecisiveness.  I do have an addictive type of personality.  I have had a gym addiction (I'd like that back please) and obviously the shoes and handbags.  I am careful with the classically addictive things like alcohol and gambling because it would be so easy to slide into something destructive.

My little brother (as in younger cos he grew and grew and grew so he ain't that little) started by getting his son's name and DOB on the top of his back.  Then he got a giant tribal design on his upper arm and shoulder.  I quite liked both of them.  After that he went a bit mental which was probably due to the circumstances.  A friend was killed in a crash so he got his nickname and RIP on the back of his calf.  I don't know if it ended up bigger than he expected but it was massive and pretty horrible.  Since then he has had a cross design put around / over the writing.  I don't know if this was meant as a cover up or an enhancement to the original, you decide:

Sorry not a great picture! 

Just watched a guy have his racist George cross and wasp tattoo covered by his tattoo artist daughter, he said he used to be a racist but mellowed when he realised what a prat he was being.  Just shows how much you can change.  Which explains the studios making a fortune covering up drunken mistakes and the names of exs!

So what tattoo have I decided on, well I'm thinking of having "Mr Midnite" tattooed around my neck like a necklace ................. not!

Actually trying to work out something that combines a Star and a Sash (Sasha) and possibly a Tiger Lily.  Can't imagine I'll ever go off the wee furry fiends!  And of course I'll probably never decide where to put it so might just get a design and stick it in a frame!

Any interesting tattoos out there?

Nite nite
Mrs Midnite!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I can honestly say that I have one tattoo and one is enough. But only because I am a king sized pussy (I said I AM not I HAVE).

It literally felt like they were peeling my skin of with a razor blade. It was horrible.

Love the work and all, but would never EVER do it again.

And I hear it hurts WORSE to get one taken off, so make sure you make it count!!


klahanie said...

Hey Mrs Midnite!

Hang on, just had a visual of "Mrs Midnite" tatooed around your neck like a necklace...

Not sure what to suggest. Although relating to your lovable wee furry friends might well be a plan. I don't have any tattoos. Although I'm considering having a tattoo of a 'six pack' etched onto my stomach! :)

Have a peaceful, positive weekend.


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