New Car

Here is the new little car in my life:

It is a little Hyundai i10 city car and is very sweet. 

My dad has pointed out on a number of occasions that I am now the only person in the family ever to have owned a brand new car.  To try to put an end to this I have pointed out that the decision to buy a basic model city car means that the car is pretty cheap and in fact he could buy 3 of these for the price he paid for his current second hand motor.

One of the big selling factors of this car is the low road tax and another is the good miles to gallon thingy.  That last sentence was amazingly technical compared to how I normally discuss cars, a normal car statement would be cute and red!

I've had it three months now and I like it, not as much as I loved wee Corsa but I think we will get there.  I am still having major difficulties with windscreen wipers and lights as they are in different places but I'm getting used to it .................. very ................. slowly!

Anyway that is my new big purchase, thank you redundancy money!
Take Care
Mrs M and the girls :0)


klahanie said...

Hello Mrs M, Star and Sasha,
What a cute and red car! Hyundai are a very good car. I knew somebody who had a Hyundai Pony and liked it very much. Couldn't tell what the 'ponypower' of the engine was. Way too technical for me.
Heck, I had to remember which side of the road to drive on when I moved back here.
Take care,

SM Blogger said...
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#1Nana said...

It is shiney and bright...easy to find in that gray English weather!

Tyra Shortino said...

Have you already gotten used to your car? I can remember when I bought a new car; it didn’t make me feel the same way as the old one, but I gave it a name and had put some accessories in the interior for me to feel comfortable in it. :) It’s my best friend now, and it’s been so dependable so far. You can do that as well—name the car and personalize it, so you can slowly integrate yourself into it.

Tyra Shortino

Naomi Champy said...

Giving your car a name does make you feel closer to it, doesn’t it? :) I named my yellow Volkswagen beetle Flounder, since I like Disney cartoons and Bumble Bee already seems too mainstream. Also do not forget to stick to your car’s maintenance schedule. Maintenance would clearly lengthen your car’s service life.

Naomi Champy

David John said...

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Carry said...

The car is looking good! You just have to love the little things that make it a looker – the sleek and elongated tail lamps, the bold rear bumper, and the smooth lines of the body! I like the choice of color too. It’s very lively and energetic, very much suited for people like you!

Carry Demaggio

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