Crunch - crash

It's a lovely sunny Saturday morning here in Scotch-Land.  Not a cloud in the bright blue sky, of course it's freezing but it's that nice fresh crunchy cold!

I'm about to get ready and head off to the gym, my first trip there in many months.  Not completely related to my natural inclination towards laziness on this occasion.  This has been enforced inactivity because back in February someone crashed into my wee car :0(

The damage wasn't really too bad just a bashed butt on wee corsa.  It was quite a shock though, I was driving home from work minding my own business when the car in front of me stopped suddenly.  I think someone pulled out in front of it.  I had to stamp on my brakes to stop but managed it with some road to spare.  Of course I then watched my mirror to see if the car behind was going to hit me but no she managed to stop too.

Then just as I was getting ready to start breathing again skreech, crash, bang, bang another car came speeding along and couldn't stop in time her car hit the one behind me and bounced it into my car.  Of course her insurance company accepted blame and all repairs etc were done.

But 6 days after the crunch I woke up in pain.  Not my neck but my shoulder, then a few days later my hip joined in and this was just the start of months of pain and physiotherapy.

I had obviously heard of whiplash but was surprised that such a small bump could cause so much trouble.  I was thrown forward during the crash and the seat belt locked leaving two points of pain exactly where the belt goes across my shoulder and hip. 

Finally after lots of physio I am practically pain free, just have to be careful with my hip on stairs and when exercising.  Today I am starting back to real exercise, meaning non physio prescribed movements in a class.  I'm a bit nervous about hurting my hip so I'm starting slow with a yoga / pilates type class.

Ohh and after the crash the furry girls and I decided that although we really, really loved wee Corsa it was time for a change.  This was a hard decision because the car was part of our family, it had taken us on lots of adventures and had always been a good little car.

Here is wee Corsa on it's last adventure with us, we went up north in Scotland and it even got to take the furry girls see the Polar Bears at the highland wildlife park:


klahanie said...

Oh my, first of all, after recovering from the shock of reading about you noting that mysterious glowing orb in the sky, aka the sun, I reckoned I should try and form some semblance of a comment. Gosh, what a nice guy! :)
Such a rough time and good you are on the mend. I'm feeling a bit of sadness knowing that your wee Corsa has shared a final adventure with you and your lovable dogs.
I wonder what your next car will be. A sporty Italian, perhaps. And yes, I meant a car....
Enjoy your Sunday up there in Scotland.
Your starstruck fan, Gary

Mrs Midnite said...

The orb was there again today, most confusing for us in the North! I felt a lot of sadness leaving my corsa at the garage it was a hard decision, funny how we get attached to these things. I have a new car, I'll post some pics. Hope you and Penny had a good weekend
MrsM :0)
Hugs and Woofs from the furry girls

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