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Like a large percentage of the population I am trying to lose a few pounds following the holiday excess.  I'm never going to be skinny, I don't want to be.  I have curves, or the currently unfashionable hour glass figure.  Even at my lowest weight I still have this shape and I'm happy with it. 

I love food, fortunately I don't focus on things like chocolate, I love lots and lots of food including the healthy stuff.  I'm an equal opportunities foodie.  I often think that if I didn't exercise or at least exercise some self control you would see me on the news.  I'd be one of those people you see getting winched out of a window because they no longer fit through doors!  I'd be dressed in a duvet cover because no company would make clothes in my size.  I seriously could eat myself to death.

Fortunately I do some exercise and I stop myself from eating the entire contents of my fridge most days.

I saw on TV a programme about a 19 year old boy who weighs half a ton.  I watched with a sense of disgust and fascination.  The guy had a giant armchair and foot stool, he spent his days and nights sitting there watching TV.  He couldn't get out of the chair without help.  The programme was about him going into a hospital that specialised in treating massively obese patients.  They did surgery to remove 65lbs of fat from his stomach to ease the strain on his heart.  They put him on a diet so he could lose some weight before having a gastric bypass. 

How does someone get like that?  Obviously they eat too much.  When you reach the stage where you don't fit in the batch or shower and have to have your mum hand wash you wouldn't something stop you eating?  How do you continue eating when you are too heavy to move?

If you have a pet and it is fat it's your fault, they can't get the food.  If you have a young child and it is fat it's your fault, you must be giving them food.  If your teenage son is so fat he has to be home schooled, can't bath and can barely walk guess what, it's your fault.

I wanted to shake this guy's mother, she was feeding him junk, bringing him all the food and watching him get fatter and fatter.  It was a disgusting inter dependant relationship.  She had lost a baby and when he can along she was over protective and wanted him to have everything he wanted, fair enough I get that.  But to assist him in killing himself with food, it made me angry, I cringed in my chair when I saw them together.  She did everything for him and was clearly enjoying his dependency.  She ended up going for therapy to resolve her problems while her son attempted to lose the equivalent of 10 adults in weight.

The programme made me feel slim!  But it made me realise how your childhood and you parents attitude to food stays with you for life.  My family eat really fast, the eat it before someone else does tactic.  The have large plates of food rather than a small plate with an option for more.  My Dad's holidays revolve around planning the meal stops.  My gran used to constantly be trying to feed us all, piece of cake, go on it's only light.  I realise why I love food so much and I'm just pleased they didn't take it to the level of feeding me to death.

So I'll have my healthy eating phase and lose a few pounds and be grateful hat I don't need to lose the equivalent of a few people.



DanWins said...

That is just...... ludicrous!

How in the world do you allow your child to get that big?

My kids get so big they cant get out of their chair --- you don't eat until you can get up and get it yourself.
We take you to the Dr. to get it taken care of IMMEDIATELY not 1/2 ton down the road.....

Hope you had a Good Christmas and New Years and A "Healthy" woman just has more to "Cuddle" :)

Anything at Anytime

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Amen, Mrs Midnite.

I've been checking out videos on Youtube for the show Supersize vs. Superskinny and it fascinates me how people alter their eating habits and relationship to food once they see the light in a matter of days.

I still need to burn off 14 kilos off my frame, though. :-P

-Barb the French Bean

#1Nana said...

I've seen that same program...strangely facinating. I hsd gastric bypass seven years ago. It was quite a brutal surgery and I spent three days in intensive care. My mother, who lived in another state sent flowers to the hospital...and candy! Who sends candy to a person who has surgery because they're fat!!! Yep, it's all the parent's fault!

Stocker said...

On your interesting "Feedjit" I am the 'visitor from Newcastle Upon Tyne". Although I love the sense of enigma my ego guilts me into disclosing my name is Amy and this is my link: http://amystocker.blogspot.com/

We have a picture of a rather obese family on our fridge to deter ourselves from snacking, although all it causes us to do is go "Thank god we're not like that" as we rummage for biscuits we're not hungry for.

Kate Mohler said...

I have to agree, the TV show is oddly fascinating--ya can't look and ya can't look away. More than anything though, my heart goes out to obese people because I think it's more of a food addiction than anything else. Addictions suck.

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