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I realise I'm neglecting my blog and my blog reading.  It's been really hectic here so far in 2011 and after the storm I have been hit by a second bout of Gorilla flu.  The calm after the storm but unfortunately I don't feel well enough to look at the screen and catch up on your exciting posts.  I will though!

I've been doing some thinking about something that keeps cropping up in my life and wondering if it is a coincidence or a sign that I should accept it.  I need to think more.

A funny thing I find is what I take as signs and what I ignore.  I had a day when I was feeling fat and unhealthy.  I saw a few programmes on TV that inspired my last post and made me feel motivated to lose a few pounds.  The next morning with motivation high a leaflet for weight watchers dropped through my door, free membership and first class.  A sign?  Anyway I joined, and no that doesn't mean this is going to turn into a weight loss blog.  I like the system so far, got to say the Gorilla flu is helping as I'm definitely not hungry.  Will see if the universal signs that it's time to lose my spare pounds is really a sign or just a coincidence.

I wonder what other signs I miss?


klahanie said...

Hmmmm...interesting. Is it a sign, or just coincidence that I noticed you hadn't been blogging much lately, and hey presto, this posting appeared on my blog list:-)
Seriously, I think sometimes we become more aware of things when we have motivation. That leaflet through your door may have not been given a second thought, if you had not been thinking about going on a healthier regime.
I know there have been times I might be thinking, for instance, that I had not seen a particular car in ages and then I see about a dozen of them in a day. A sign or coincidence? I've no idea. Sorry, my response was totally useless. So what other signs do you think you've missed?
In kindness, Gary :-)

DanWins said...

Get Well my Edinburgh Lass.

Thats all that matters right now. Once your well you can do all the catching up you want.

First we need you well and on your feet so that you can Enjoy Life again.

We are all here and will continue to be, Don't you worry.

Anything at Anytime

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

I wish you the best of luck, Mrs Midnite! :-D

-Barb the French Bean

Madmother said...

I have come here from re-reading a comment you posted on my blog many moons ago. It was about your stalker and karma (in relation to my terrible experiences at the time). Well, I just wanted to say it has happened! She has done the same thing to another and now everybody is seeing her for the piece of nastiness she truly is.

Now you can say "I told you so"... :-)

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