On holiday?

Ohh what a lucky duck, I am currently 50% of the way through a free holiday in Madrid!

At least that is how Mr Midnite and my friends who don't work travel see it.  Travelling for work isn't as much fun as people seem to think.  I have been sent to Madrid for 2 weeks to do some pretty boring, fairly admin stuff that really a local temp could have done but it's really important so enter trusted employee!

I travelled on a Monday and arrived at half past midnight, couldn't sleep therefore setting the tone for the week to tired.  We are all working pretty long days 8 until 7.  The office and my hotel are outside Madrid, a good 40 minutes on the metro so after work I have been staying in the hotel, bit boring!

The hotel is what I had considered a "good" one.  I was wrong.  There is nothing really bad about it but nothing really good either.  For example the TV is old so doesn't convert US shows back to American language so I have 2 weeks of only Spanish TV, I don't speak Spanish!  And how much football does one country need, it is the only thing they show in the hotel bar.

Their high speed internet connection is about as good as the first dial-up connection I had, in case you are unsure I mean it's rubbish.  The connection is lost every few minutes and it's s--l--o--w.  The charges to get internet in your room are so unreasonable that I don't think I could justify billing them on expenses so I am sitting in the bar where it is free,  An excuse to make you buy more drinks!

If I could have got on to a reasonable internet connection I could have watched online TV, I have ways!  But no the connection isn't good enough to play videos.  I've clearly slipped back into the early 90s!

This work trip I have been lucky because I got a weekend in Madrid free.  Of course that meant a weekend by myself but I am OK on my own and did some tourist things, the city bus tours, a museam, some shopping (a new handbag of course) and went to the zoo (PANDAS).  Have to say it was very nice.  Madrid was sitting at a comfortable 17oC just right for exploring.  The UK I believe has been soaked in rain all weekend so I count myself lucky to have missed that.

Today it was back to work, now I just have 3 more full days followed by a half day and then 8 hours of travelling.  At the end of that there will be two very excited furry girls waiting for me.  Can't beat a doggie welcome home!

Hope everyone is having a nice day :)
Mrs M


klahanie said...

Hey Mrs M,

Ah yes, Madrid. I'm thinking of going there to compete in next year's "Siesta Championship".

And nothing like a doggie welcome home, followed by a well deserved deep-fried Mars bar!

Enjoy and with that, I'm outta' here....

Gary :)

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