Applications away

Busy week of applying for jobs.  Thankfully most have been via the internet / e-mail but one was a application form.  Took me about 4 hours to complete!  When I struggle to write a half page about why I want the job, main achievements and strengths I'd bring I have to question the statement "excellent communication skills" I have in my CV :0)

So first week of job searching:
CV to previous boss and one previous colleague - it's not what you know, it's who you know!
6 science / pharmaceutical jobs applied for, one thanks but no thanks but to be fair I didn't have the experience they where looking for.
6 alternative project manager roles applied for, mostly in finance.  I'm looking a junior / associate roles hoping that someone might give me a try!
1 events management job applied for, probably won't pay enough but I've always fancied doing this and it would pay the bills!
15 applications in one week, not a bad start!  Clearly I have my favourites, a couple of the science jobs look interesting and finance is where the money lives so that might be nice!

Not much fun at work still, too much moaning and negativity, understandable but it's pretty draining.  Got very vague details of the job opportunities they have, 3 out of 6 of the people at my level could keep our jobs but it is unlikely to be in Scotland.  The initial offer of redundancy is above the basic which is a good start but clearly we will ask for more. 

All in all I'm actually finding this quite exciting, it's an opportunity after all.

Lots of woofs and licks from the furry girls to all their blog buddies, will let you know what they have been up to soon.

Mrs M :0)


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