January 2011 Sucked

Just thought I'd share that.

I moved into the new year feeling optimistic, the end of 2010 wasn't the best but I had high hopes for 2011. But

My gran after spending 2 months in hospital died last Wednesday afternoon. She was 85 and had a good life, we have a close family, I'm the only one who has moved away. She had a good life and had told everyone not to be upset about her. The infection she had wasn't clearing up and the only real option was surgery. It was very high risk but she got through the operation and seemed to be better but the infection had spread and there wasn't anything they could really do. She had signed a do not resuscitate order before the surgery in case her heart failed, she wasn't the type to be content sitting in bed so maybe this is better than something long and drawn out. It's a strange feeling because I am so far from my family nothing has changed for me but I can't help feeling sad.

My little dog, the red furry one, Star is in season and did a spectacular Houdini escape act earlier this week straight into the paws of a giant mixed breed monster. I shouted at him and he ran away with the little tart chasing him down the street. Me following after, when I caught her and was carrying her back the dog was chasing me. Must have looked like something from Benny Hill. I'm pretty sure he didn't get her but I have to wait three weeks before the vet can check. The dog has been hanging about outside with little Star sitting on the window ledge watching him and crying to get out. It's like some really wrong canine Romeo and Juliet.

I have had a stinky cold and a kidney infection for the whole of January, two courses of antibiotics to shift it. I'm feeling better now but somewhere I've lost a few weeks.

Work is awful with the treat of redundancy hanging over the majority of my colleagues, it is looking more and more like they will be closing two of our four sites so the mood isn't great.

Add to that the general January grey days and lack of funds it has been a crappy month.

So here's to February, the real New Year. I'm thinking in song lyrics, "Things can only get better" and "The only way is up, baby!"

On the positive side my antidepressants are clearly miracle drugs, I am coping with the January blues and I'm optimistic that things will improve.

I will be back with a happier post soon!
Mrs M


Anonymous said...

Oh Ms. M, you are singing my tune. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. It is always sad and difficult to lose someone like that.

If it is any consolation, I laughed at your dog post part. Poor Star.... :)

I hop eyou feel better soon, as do I.

Cheers to us sickies!!

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Oh, Mrs Midnite...I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. :-(

I try not to think about when my last grandparent (my mother's mother) will eventually leave us; she is so important in our lives.

And I'll admit that my January totally sucked balls as well, but after reading your post, my downs pale in comparison to what you've been through. :-P

Let's hope that February will be much, much better!

-Barb the French Bean

#1Nana said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. It is a blessing that she planned for the possibility that her health would take a turn for the worse. My mother had done the same. It made making decisions for my brother and I much easier because we knew exactly what she wanted.

Glad your medication is keeping you level with the ups and downs of your life and the season. Hang in there...spring is on the way.

fizzee rascal said...

Boy, things can only improve after that start to the year.

Chin up Midnite.

Fizz xx

Kate Mohler said...

Wow...your January DID suck! Mine was pretty cool: a couple blog publications, no illness, manageable classes to teach, and much to look forward to in the rest of 2011. You can just hit me now! :-)

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your grandmother. That is heart-breaking.

We recently acquired our own small dog. Made me laugh reading about your little tart!

February has GOT to be better.

Mrs Midnite said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. Just had a very lazy weekend to recover from some hectic weeks. Looking forward to getting back to normal and spending some time catching up on blogs.

The Author is Unknown said...

My sincere condolences Mrs M.

The paragraph about the doggies made me laugh!

RandomRambler said...

Sorry about your grandmother. But at least she prepared your family for it.

I just came across your blog and read this particular entry about your tart of a dog. Why not get her fixed so you don't need to worry about such things?

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