Sorry for the posting gap

Apologies for my absence from the blog I have been feeling very ill so haven't written much although I have ideas in my flu filled head. Gorilla flu is quite nasty, hope it doesn't spread. I've been trying to keep up with reading your blogs and will be back with you all this weekend.

Mrs M


Bruce Coltin said...

I have found flu to be great fuel for the imagination. Characters coming into my bedroom and dancing on the ceiling. Have you met any interesting ghosts while you've been under the influence of flu medications?

Just Plain Tired said...

Get better soon. I fought the flu early this week.

Iron Criterion said...

Hope you are feeling better now. I caught a nasty disease off a Gorilla once...

DanWins said...

Hoping you feel MUCH better and back up on your feet quickly.

If you have been down and out badly, you might have to ask Mr. M to help unmat your Gorilla Hair.


Take your Time and Feel well.

We, Your Bloggin Buddies and Buddettes, will still be here to follow you and goose you along.


Mrs Midnite said...

Thank you everyone, I'm feeling much better now just an annoying cough that is upsetting the dogs.

No ghosts Bruce but I've been having odd dreams.

klahanie said...

I shall type this very quickly:-) Here's wishing you a speedy recovery and that the annoying cough is soon gone. Please just rest and take it easy.
In kindness, Gary:-)

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Gorilla Flu? Is that a real ailment? o_O"

I hope you feel better soon!

-Barb the French Bean

Kat Von Devious said...

Get pressure that we're all waiting on you or anything ;-) hehe, can't wait for some new posts!

Miss Melicious said...

glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. It seems that all of us in this little bloggosphere seem to have had the flu in the past month!

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